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Location de matériel BTPet de machines  simple et instantanée

We collect the best offers near your site, Machinery and as Drivers


at attractive prices and in real time

to offer you an exceptional experience
during your projects.

  The best rental companies selected and verified

s ccording to the criteria of availability and quality.

More than 9,000 machines available, distributed on the 48 Algerian wilayas.

Notre priorité, votre satisfaction

comment ça marche ?

Find your construction machine

  You are looking for machines in perfect condition for your project, you have trouble identifying the right rental company or qualified operator, the availability and non-seriousness of the approximate groups disrupts the progress of your work, you waste an incredible amount of time to start your operations?


Our platform dematerializes and automates up to 70% of administrative tasks
(authorizations, contract, insurance, invoice, scores, monitoring, etc.) which saves time for all of its users.

it's time to move to the higher speed



To allow each employee to contribute to the value creation process and to the improvement of the performance of our group, our construction machinery engineering policy is structured around 4 major axes:






1. Skills development through vocational training and tutoring

We train 75% of staff every year in regulatory and business training.

Our integration paths are personalized. Our business skills are identified and constantly renewed to meet the requirements of our customers. We are committed to promoting internal promotion. We take care to transmit know-how and develop synergies within the framework of our mentoring process.







2. Close relationships favoring social dialogue heritage of a culture based on family values

In connection with the pilot of the Pluz Engines BTP process, our field managers have the mission of ensuring respect for the fundamental values ​​which are notably respect, listening, teamwork. We are careful to maintain social dialogue with employee representative institutions.

We retain our employees so that everyone finds their place and can evolve within our organization.








3. Our organization which aims to promote at each level of the company

Autonomy, accountability, professionalism and a sense of commitment to customers.








4. Continuous improvement of our occupational health and safety policy

We ensure that staff have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the tasks and missions entrusted to them in safety.

The global prevention approach is an integral part of our business strategy: action plans are carried out after assessment of professional risks and accident analysis with feedback.

We use communication as the main lever to improve the health and safety of our employees.





Ultra customer service
Support and contract
Modification and
free cancellations
+ 9000 machines and machines
in Algeria

Le développement des compétences par la formation professionnelle et le tutorat

Nous formons chaque année 75% du personnel à des formations réglementaires et métiers.

Nos parcours d’intégration sont personnalisés. Nos compétences métiers sont recensées et constamment renouvelées pour répondre aux exigences de nos clients. Nous nous attachons à favoriser la promotion interne. Nous veillons à transmettre les savoir-faire et à développer les synergies dans le cadre de notre démarche de compagnonnage.

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